Texas is #1 in mass shootings! #ThoughtsAndPrayers

No Place but Texas. Literally.

Texas Republicans are very proud of being #1 in unlimited access to guns. They love their guns and letting anyone dress like GI Joe or a cop with loaded assault weapons, body armor, and silencers. This is who they are.

Texas is #1 in mass shootings overtaking California starting in 2015. In just a month we have had 2 mass shootings, the latest in Allan Texas at a shopping mall leaving 8 dead including a 5 year old boy. Prior to that it was the shooting in Cleveland Texas leaving 5 dead including a 9 year old boy.

Greg Abbott claims the shooting in Allen was an “unspeakable tragedy” which is total bullshit. It was an avoidable tragedy. Abbott doesn’t need to offer thoughts and prayers, instead he should offer an apology to the families of the dead and to the families of the victims that will require care for the rest of their lives. This is Abbott’s fault for not taking action to curb gun violence after the killing of 27 Christians at a church, or the 10 students killed at Santa Fe, or the 21children killed in Uvalde or the 5 immigrants killed in Cleveland.

The death of these folks in Allen Texas is Greg Abbott’s fault and the fault of every goddamn elected official who refuses to take action to curb gun violence.

One Response to Texas is #1 in mass shootings! #ThoughtsAndPrayers

  1. sneckelmann says:

    If Republicans wanted to tear down this country, they wouldn’t do anything different from what they’re doing now.

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