Captain Chaos, League City Councilman Justin Hicks, Racist email

Captain Chaos

You would think a 13 year veteran of the armed forces would know better. He doesn’t.

In a recent email exchange between League City Councilman Justin Hicks and League City Police Chief Gary Ratliff, Hicks asks the Chief:

“Please tell me that LCPD is committed to hiring officer candidates based on qualifications, NOT skin color.”

Yep. Captain Chaos the Open Records Act can be a pain in a racists ass. the Police Chief responded with basically “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

We are a civil service agency, and we are one of the most strict agencies to get hired with. The requirements to get hired are the same for everyone. I am almost offended that you would insinuate that I would have lesser standards for any group.”

Almost? I’m offended just having to write about this! Luckily Hicks buddy, Mayor Nick Long, came to his defense. “Please excuse Captain Chaos. He is on a mission to piss off as many people as he can.” (Not exactly what he said) He actually said:

“I would not take this question personally.”

LOL. The full email exchange can be found here.

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