League City Councilman, Captain Chaos, calls for smoking out a leaker of public information

From Galveston Daily News.

This ought to get wild.

According to the Galveston Daily News League City Councilman, Justin Hicks, seen here posing for a Grecian Formula commercial, has called for the “smoking out” of a leaker, a city employee, who tipped the Galveston Daily News about his racist email sent in 2021 to the Police Chief. Last week a citizen posted the emails Hicks sent to the police chief questioning the hiring practices of the department. As posted last week:

“Please tell me that LCPD is committed to hiring officer candidates based on qualifications, NOT skin color.”

It didn’t go well for Hicks and he was left with egg on his face and in his beard. Instead of letting this email, obtained via an Open Records Request, die out, Hicks has breathed life into it by calling for the outing of the city employee who tipped the Daily News of it’s existence. From GDN:

“Someone is going to get busted,” Hicks said Tuesday. “What you do on government time is going to come back to bite you.”

Hicks might want to review the Freedom of Information Act, the Open Records Act, and maybe the legal do’s and don’ts of being on the League City Council. Every record, email, letter, correspondence, etc is subject to the laws governing all elected officials with few exceptions. Also calling for retaliation against an employee for disclosing public information might also disqualify you for serving as an elected official. It might be considered an abuse of power. That usually doesn’t end well.

Luckily Hicks is in Texas where lawlessness is considered part of being a republican.

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