“They ought to teach this in school”…well CCISD Does! Career & Technical Education

In High School I made a cutting board.

I attended the 6th Session of Inside CCISD and once again was very impressed with the education and resources available to students in our schools. Besides preparing kids for college and giving them the tools to help select a university, apply, and pay for the classes CCISD provides a great Career and Technical Education program for those who will enter the workforce right after high school.

The picture to the left is a two seater plane. The students build this from a kit with the adults being responsible for the items required for certification. They will later sell the plane. Across the hall was the automotive repair shop where students work on their own cars or on cars owned by CCISD employees. This includes oil changes and complete break rebuilds among other things. We also toured the Audio/Video workshop. Students are responsible for the video presentations at football games on the big screen, making the videos for the Inside CCISD presentations, and anything the school requires. If you are watching a video at a CCISD school it was probably made by the students. Many of these students work part time in local auto dealers or with the NCAA in helping with on the field photos and videos during games.

Our meeting included a great lasagne dinner not only served by the students but made by the students. CCISD has Culinary Arts classes as part the Hospitality and Tourism career cluster. It was pretty good! These are just a few courses available to students in CCISD.

So if you hear someone say “They ought to bring back teaching of hands on technical skills” tell them to look at the Career & Technical Education provided by CCISD:

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