The fix was in at League City Council meeting on the book ban

We have seen this 👩‍👧‍👧before and it didn’t end well.

The all white male League City Council voted 5-3 to approve the book ban resolution last night even after hours of testimony in opposition. What was interesting was the no show of those who supported the resolution in its original form. It’s clear they were told not to attend since it was going to pass anyway. And it did by a 5-3 vote with Councilmen Crews, Tessler, and Bowen voting no.

Speakers were not only passionate they brought great information, some quoting Supreme Court cases and Texas law. Some called for the resignation of Councilman Justin Hicks (Captain Chaos) who authored the resolution. Hicks was clearly the target of verbal attacks and sat there like he just got caught watching porn on his city laptop. You can see the public comment here.

Let’s make sure we all know what this resolution is about. It has absolutely nothing to do with “christian family values”. If it did they would have included the call for banning books on those having an affair, or getting divorce violating the sanctity of marriage, or those who lie on a daily basis, or those who pork a porn star, pay her off, and lie about it to voters. It has nothing to do with wholesome christian family values.

In the first version of the resolution there was a clear attack on the gay community. That language was removed in the modified version but, as the old saying goes, when they tell you who they are, believe them. This is an attack on our families, friends, teachers, students, and others in the community. As in the 1930’s they have picked a group of people to be the enemy. It didn’t end well.

This resolution is no different than the resolution’s being passed in other white wing city councils. The Council will eventually spend your tax dollars to defend this in a lawsuit which they will lose.

This is who they are.

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