Remember the Alamo? Maybe we shouldn’t

It’s was just a plain old fashion ass kicking.

Remember the Alamo was a pretty simple minded and effective battle cry even though most never could or can remember what the battle was all about. Today most don’t even know the date when the Alamo fell. (Hint: It was on March 6 1836.) Today most don’t want to remember what the battle of the Alamo was all about, and for good reason.

Texas, at the time, was part of Mexico. It was their land. Mexico reached out and invited settlers to come to Mexico (Texas). All they asked was for them to learn the language and become Catholics. During that time Mexico helped the settlers by providing weapons to fend off attacks by the Native Americans. Instead of being thankful for the land, hospitality, and lifestyle provided by Mexico, about 200 white guys, led by leaders wearing raccoon hats to drive fear into their rivals, decided to steal the land from Mexico starting with a stand at the Alamo. BIG MISTAKE!

The battle of the Alamo was probably the biggest military blunder next to the Iraq war in American history. They raccoon army had limited supplies. They had no reinforcements from the United States. They had no support and was abandoned, left to die all for a simple minded and effective battle cry. And they did. All of them. And their bodies were piled up and burned. (except for Gregorio Esparza who was provided a Christian burial)

The 200 poorly equipped, poorly dressed, land stealers picked an unfortunate fight with thousands of well armed, well fed, Mexican soldiers who spent a few nights camped outside blaring music from Mexico’s boy band, Menudo. The Alamo fell on March 6. The land stealers were considered heroes even though they were military idiots who basically lost their lives for pretty much nothing but a battle cry. What did anyone expect? What would you do if you had invited someone into your home, gave them food, water, and a place to raise a family and then they decided to steal your house and land? Todays Texans would grab their AR-15, put their teeth in, and kick the living shit out of the squatters and then expect to be interviewed on FoxNews. That is what Mexico did. They kicked the shit out of the ungrateful, land stealing, hillbillies, stacked their bodies in pile and burnt them. (FoxNews didn’t cover that)

So. Let’s really remember the Alamo. They deserve it.

One Response to Remember the Alamo? Maybe we shouldn’t

  1. Julie says:

    LMAO!!! This is pure gold!

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