Texas Republican files bill to end NASA in Houston

We do things bigger in Texas, like having bigger idiots in office.

Texas State Representative Brian Slaton pictured here with his first (or second?) wife, after walking on water, has filed a bill to start Texas secession from the United States. If this bill would pass (it won’t) the bill would allow a public vote on secession in November. It’s nothing more than a right wing idiot dog whistle perking up the ears of the ignorant and stupid people in Texas who think Texas could actually leave.

For the sake of the ignorant and stupid people who think this is actually a possibility let’s review what would happen if Texas was allowed to leave. First all military bases would be closed. All military equipment would be shifted to other US bases. Military personnel would have to either move to the United States or quit. The federal teat would dry up with Military towns being abandoned. Businesses that support the military bases would have to close shop. The tax base for cities would be devastated.

All federal offices such as Social Security, Medicare, Veterans Affairs, etc would be closed. Social Security payments would end leaving millions of stupid old people fighting over cat food. Medicare would end with medical facilities and healthcare providers losing billions in profits and old people dying from contaminated cat food. Federal transportation funds for roads, rail, and airports would dry up. NASA’s facilities in Houston would be closed and moved to Alabama or Florida. NASA employees would either move or quit. The community would lose billions in revenue. (See how stupid this sounds?)

Best of all, with Texas having no military, Mexico would cross the river and take back Texas. Much like the Alamo Texans would be defenseless except for a few bubbas with their AR-15s as Mexico walks into Texas reclaiming the land that was stolen from them back in the 1800’s. Lucky for Texans there will be too many bodies to pile up and burn as they did after the fall of the Alamo.

As I said, we do things bigger in Texas. If you think Texas can leave the United States you are a Texas sized idiot.

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