Raising Campaign Cash: Houston City Elections

As I have said in the past, before you run for office make sure you know the laws concerning campaign donations.

City of Houston elections will be in November. The Houston Chronicle has a list of candidates that have filed. The filing deadline is in August so this list can change. Also candidates will have the opportunity to move to different positions until the deadline.

A couple of notes. I believe there is a $5000 limit on donations from individuals and PACs. Robin Williams, who is running for Mayor, has a number of donations, including one from herself, that has violated this limit. An amount of NA means the candidate has not filed a report yet. I only included At Large and the District E race which includes Clear Lake. For incumbents I included the figures only from their last report. Some of the candidates have reported fundraising numbers over the past year and some have raised money only over the last few months. Senator Whitmire has listed Cash on Hand including his donations from his previous years in office, as did Martin and Kubosh. Here are the totals for Houston City Council races:

John Whitmire$1,148,015$249,142$0$10,100,086
Amanda Edwards$1,356,232$291,636$0$1,044,338
Chris Hollins$167,034$607,220$0$1,062,754
Lee Kaplan$1,300,390$340,962$200,000$1,164,527
Robert Gallegos$48,837$27,626$0$133,471
Derrick BrozeNANANANA
Naoufal HoujamiNANANANA
Raykey TezinoNANANANA
Robin Williams$188,995$0$52,700$188,995
At Large 1
Conchita Shelly ReyesNANANANA
Isaiah MartinNANANANA
Leah Wolfthal$43,812$16,683$0$24,953
Melanie MilesNANANANA
At Large 2
Danielle BessNANANANA
Marina Coryat$13,714$4,063$0$1,562
Holly Flynn VilasceaNANANANA
Julian RamirezNANANANA
Nick Hellyar$65,854$6,772$0$44,710
At Large 3
Donnell Cooper$25,977$17,631$0$9,189
Ericka MczcrutcheonNANANANA
James JosephNANANANA
Obes NwabaraNANANANA
Richard CantuNANANANA
Twila Carter$85,926$9,456$4,000$78,768
At Large 4
Letitia Plummer$4,125$10,309$0$24,741
Roy Morales$0$465$5,838$0
At Large 5
Sally Alcorn$155,531$28,187$0$206,273
Charles OnwucheNANANANA
District E
Fred Flickinger$0$1,933$50,000$0
Martina Lemond Dixon$254$254$100$84
Patricia OlivaresNANANANA
Dave Martin$8,250$12,493$0$161,851
Michael Kubosh$22,900$3,612$196,000$54,289

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