CCISD trustee candidate won’t answer simple questions.

It’s not that hard of a question.

Peter Lauzon is running for CCISD Trustee. I’ve attempted to ask a simple question about accepting the results of the election after certification. For this question I have been blocked. Hopefully someone will ask this question to all the candidates at the upcoming forums.

The last two elections we had election deniers cost the district time and money. Christine Parizo, who lost by 25 percentage points then called for recounts and claimed the election was fraudulent. (it wasn’t) Her actions needlessly cost the district over $30,000 and her complaint to the Texas Attorney General was eventually “cloooooosed” with no action.

Then we had Misty Dawson who took her loss one step further, filing a lawsuit against the winning candidate and demanding her to call a new election (which she has no authority to do). Again, the district was poised to spend a lot of money to defend against this stupidity. She eventually dropped the suit.

So here comes yet another election denier, one that will whine if they lose instead of graciously accepting the loss and move on. Lauzon has strong ties to Scott Bowen, the Corporal Chaos of CCISD and the Republican Party. He was a member of the Texas Republican Executive Committee. His wife is the Vice President of the Bay Area Republican Women’s Club. Lauzon, as a Committee member, motioned for the Texas Republican Party to endorse Bowen and they did. He most probably will have tens of thousands of dollars to spend from his party just as Scott Bowen did in latest reelection.

I have reached out to Lauzon and offered to have lunch to discuss my concerns about his candidacy, his ties to the party and Bowen, and his plans if elected. He has refused. Everyone should be concerned about his motives for running and the chaos he would bring to the board.

BTW. In Distict 2 the Houston Chronicle had a short article with questions and answers about candidates Glencora Rodgers and Jamieson Mackay. Both seem to be running for all the right reasons and it should be a very good race. I found Mr. Mackay’s comment right on point:

“I think it’s time that we get back to being able to have civil conversations about issues and not just have reactions based on our personal beliefs and finding commonality instead of focusing on what divides us.”

Absolutely! I’m looking forward to the next Chronicle article about Arturo Sanchez and Peter Lauzon. Hopefully Lauzon has not blocked them.

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