Whining at the CCISD Board Meeting by Trustee Bowen

It’s becoming a trait of the Republican Party. Whine.

This weeks CCISD school board meeting was quite long. If you stayed for the end you heard Trustee Bowen begin to whine about losing a vote concerning an application called Dreambox.

On the agenda was an item to approve a contract continuation for an application that kids used for math. This application, Dreambox, has been in use for 7 years, has had an earlier extension approved, and has been well received. Bowen has been on the board for 4 years.

So all of a sudden Bowen decided to call for a delay in the voting because he wanted more information concerning the data that the application stored. All the other Trustee’s were satisfied with the application except for Jeff Larson, who tends to follow Bowen. Bowen lost the vote to delay then lost the vote to approve it. (The extension was approved)

He then began to whine about the board not supporting his request. He, Captain Chaos, wanted consensus on matters that popped out of his ass at any given moment. He whined about the board’s decision to vote against him.

My first thought when Bowen began asking long, drawn out questions, was “Why did he wait 4 years to bring this issue up?” It’s not like he didn’t have time or prior notice of the agenda item. For gosh sakes the application has been around for 7 years!

This is what republicans do best. Lose then whine.

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