Raising Campaign Cash: State Representative Bryan Slaton

State Representative Bryan Slaton, pictured here with his 2nd and third wives, is a fire breathing Jesus loving hypocrite, as most republicans are today. He is currently under investigation by the House for an inappropriate incident with a 21 year old intern and has been asked to resign by two other hypocrites for making them look bad.

According to the Texas Ethics Commission Slaton has raised $1,143,735 since he filed for election in 2016. Of that $730,261 came from 8 individuals/PACs, or 64%. $160,500 came from the Defend Texas Liberty PAC funded by 2 billionaires, Timothy Dunn and Farris Wilks. Dunn contributed and additional $275,000 and Wilks donated $98,500.

Dunn and Wilks were featured by CNN Investigations “How two Texas megadonors have turbocharged the state’s far-right shift”. Both have a combined total of donations of $28 Million overshadowing the Texas Homebuilders, Bob Perry and David Weekley as the new oligarchs of Texas of Texas.

Of note these are the guys who are financing Peter Lauzon running for CCISD Trustee. Lauzon took $5000 from these guys, an amount that should be overkill. Unfortunately more is coming.

This is who they are. I’ll be following this investigation. It’s got to be bad if State Representative Little Baby Briscoe Cain is calling for his resignation.

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