Another extremist PAC endorses in the CCISD election

The Clear Lake satellite of True Texas Project, the one that was thrown out of Buzz Aldrin’s church, has entered the CCISD elections by endorsing the far right candidate, Peter Lauzon. Lauzon’s campaign is being funded by another extreme far right PAC, Defend Texas Liberty. From the Houston Chronicle:

The far-right political activism organization True Texas Project planned to hold multiple events at Webster Presbyterian Church this summer. Church authorities canceled the events and removed TTP from its schedule upon learning more about the group.

The Southern Poverty Law Center labeled TTP as an extremist anti-government group last year. They have since moved to a government community center for their anti-government meetings. (LOL) Their largest donor to their PAC is, once again, Timothy Dunn who has funded Defend Texas Liberty and was featured on a CNN investigation. Dunn is a billionaire spending his money on extreme far right organizations such as TPP specifically to take over school boards.

Expect to see lots of money from these two extremists to flood the CCISD election in favor of Peter Lauzon.

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