Who has to be a gun violence victim before Republicans address gun violence?

It’s clear something extraordinary has to happen before elected officials take action to curb gun violence. Voters haven’t taken action, returning every elected gun nut in Texas responsible for the Uvalde massacre back to Austin. These are the guys who gave an 18 year old easy access to weapons of war that even police are afraid of.

Republicans aren’t going to do anything. What did they do after:

20 toddlers were slaughtered in Sandy Hook
19 third graders in Uvalde,
27 Christians at church in Sutherland Springs,
12 Asian Americans in Monterey Park,
10 African Americans in Buffalo,
23 Mexican Americans in El Paso,
11 Jews in Pittsburg,
8 high school students and 2 teachers in Santa Fe,
17 high school students in Stoneman Douglas High School,
61 country music fans in Las Vegas,
5 police in Dallas,
50 gays in Orlando Fl,
13 service soldiers at a Navy base in Washington,
13 soldiers at Fort Food Texas
10 workers in San Jose
33 students at Virginia Tech,
7 patriotic Americans at a 4th of July parade
1 police dog in Allen Kentucky.

What have they done? Nothing expect to pass more bills giving easy access to weapons. If it isn’t clear by now it should be. Republicans don’t give a flying fuck about us, any of us. If you are a police officer, soldier, toddler, Christian, Jews, Mexican American, country music fan, gay, Asian American, African American, high school student, college student, or a patriotic American at a parade, you are expendable. Who has to be shot before republicans will address gun violence? Who has to lose their life before they do something? Who has to spend the rest of their life crapping into a bag, rolling around in a wheelchair, being taken care of for the rest of their lives before Republicans do something?

Republicans love their guns and just don’t give a fuck about you, your family, or a fucking dog.

One Response to Who has to be a gun violence victim before Republicans address gun violence?

  1. sneckelmann says:

    Republicans value guns over all lives. Doesn’t matter who dies.

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