Texas bill to fortify schools with walls and barbed wire.

No place but Texas. Literally.

HB1776 filed by State Representative Dennis Paul would fortify every school in Texas to prevent another mass shooting. According to Paul “I support the second amendment and will do whatever it takes to protect the right to own assault weapons, armor piercing bullets, and silencers.”

HB1776 will allocate funds and raise taxes to fortify all schools with a brick wall topped with barbed wire. In recent shootings it is clear a door can easily be shot out to gain entry into the school. School playgrounds are wide open, some with a simple metal fence that a shooter can shoot through. Band practice venues, tennis courts, baseball fields are all wide open to someone with an assault weapon. A wall around every school would effectively stop a law abiding citizen with an assault weapon.

In 2022, Texas had 5,156,972 students enrolled in a total of 8,161 schools in 1,022 school districts. A wall for each school would cost about $1 Million with a total of over $8 Billion. The State would use half of their rainy day fund and the balance would be passed on to the parents of children attending school. “It’s a small price to pay to protect our rights to own assault weapons.” said Paul. Christian schools do not need the protection of a wall since they have the power of the Lord to protect them.

Next session the State will allocate funding to fortify school busses, parade routes, concert venues, shopping malls, and the work place. Churches will not need protection because they too are protected by the Lord. “We must do whatever it takes, whatever it costs, to protect the most loved possessions of our families, our guns.” said Paul. “oh…and our kids too.” he added.

Welcome to Satire Sunday.

2 Responses to Texas bill to fortify schools with walls and barbed wire.

  1. John Cobarruvias says:

    I am so full of wit!

  2. linmc05 says:

    How about having the gun manufacturers and the NRA pay for school protections?

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