Data shows Harris County Republican’s lawsuits are just like Trump. Total bullshit.

The multiple lawsuits, filed by Harris County Republicans after they got their asses kicked in 2022, are frivolous and the investigation by the Houston Chronicle shows it.

A Houston Chronicle examination of election data found that while there were problems and technical glitches, there remains no evidence voters were systematically disenfranchised. Nor is there evidence the Election Day issues prompted people not to vote in numbers great enough to change the outcome of any of the races being contested.

Sounds familiar? It’s what Fox News knew all along about the 2020 election and they are paying for it today. Unfortunately facts don’t matter to republicans, lies do. This entire set of frivolous lawsuits are designed to drain Judges from campaign money since, as sitting judges, they cannot accept pro bono legal assistance and the County cannot represent them. They are also about continuing to create more distrust of our paper trail voting system. There was no election fraud. They know it. Fox News knew it. We know it. And they lost 65 out of 69 races.

The lawsuits claim there was an effort by the Election Administrator to limit ballots to certain locations therefore some voters did not get an opportunity to vote. The data shows otherwise. Not one individual has reported not being able to vote due to the paper shortages in the 29 voting locations.

BTW In Harris County voters can vote at any location in the county. They can visit and find another location with the shortest lines. There were over 1000 locations across the county and they can even vote at the their local early voting location. Judges at the polling location have maps of all voting locations. Polling locations are operated by 2 judges one from each party. If there was a shortage then why didn’t the republican judges allow that to happen?

The Chronicles article is a good read. Here are some results:

In more than eight hours of public hearings [on voting bills in Austin] largely focused on Harris County’s November election, no one testified that they had difficulty casting a ballot in Harris County. 

Based on interviews and the county time-stamped data, the Chronicle was able to confirm 20 of the 29 voting locations cited by Republicans ran out of ballot paper.

Of the 29 locations, 55 percent were in precincts won by former President Donald Trump.

Under the countywide election system in place since 2019, voters can cast ballots at any polling place — they are not limited to their home precinct. Around half of Election Day voters cast ballots outside their home precincts that first year.

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