Let’s just admit it. Greg Abbott is a Texas sized racist asshole.

This is who he is. Admit it.

What an asshole. What a truly crippled, Texas sized, rotten asshole of a human being. It’s bad enough Texas Governor Greg Abbott loves guns more than our families. It’s bad enough that he enjoys owning the libs by posing with guns so big it would topple him off his wheelchair if he actually shot it. It’s bad enough that he signed a gun sanctuary bill after the killings at Santa Fe. It’s bad enough that he can’t even offer thoughts and prayers after mass shootings for fear of being ridiculed.

And now after another 5 human beings, including another 9 year old kid, were killed with a gun Abbott gave to the shooter, he had to reach down into his bag of racist dog whistles to post a heartless tweet :

I’ve announced a $50K reward for info on the criminal who killed 5 illegal immigrants Friday. Also directed #OperationLoneStar to be on the lookout.

Abbott is still mad about that tree that put him in a wheelchair many years ago and he has taken that anger out on Texans ever since. Our families are not safe at schools, Walmarts, churches, dance clubs, concerts, parades, etc, etc. Our home insurance, electricity, college tuition, taxes, and the cost of living in this shit hole state has skyrocketed making Texas the 7th worst state to retire in. We lead the nation in mass shootings and yet he does nothing but sit on his ass.

Unfortunately over half of Texans have no problem with him. It doesn’t seem to matter that under his watch 19 children, 9 year old children, were slaughtered at school. It doesn’t matter to them that 27 Christians were slaughtered at church in Sutherland Springs, or 5 police officers were killed in Dallas by a shooter with an AR15. It doesn’t matter to them that they froze their asses off when the grid failed. They don’t care. They put him back in office.

So fuck Greg Abbott and everyone who voted for him.

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