The real cost of contact lenses.

January 24, 2023

Last year I bought 8 boxes of contact lenses for about $110.00. They lasted me two years since I only use one lens in the right eye. This year I was pricing the cost of 8 boxes of Acuvue for Astigmatism. The cost is now over $200. Most of the online companies advertise a low price of about $110.00 for 8 boxes plus another $160 for “insurance, fees, and/or processing”. It’s hard to imagine what kind of fees and insurance cost more than the actual price of the lenses but that is where we are.

Here is a list of companies and their prices. Some actually fold in their fees into the cost.

Vendoradvertised pricefeesReal price
Web Eye Care$115.92$112.44$228.36
EZ Contacts$239.60$0.00$239.60
Contact Lense King$111.92$135.84$260.71
Glasses USA$111.92$160.00$278.96$110.72$169.92$290.59
Discount Contacts$303.92$0.00$303.92
AC Lens$303.92$0.00$303.92

Damn lizard. GEICO raises premiums by over 50%

January 13, 2023

I can’t wait to see my homeowners renewal. That will come in another post.

A few years ago I dumped USAA after being an ignorant loyal customer for over 20 years. They raised my home insurance by over 25% and I had to start looking. You can look at the increases from 2000-2015 here. I eventually found a new policy that was actually better and much less expensive. I also gave GEICO a look for my auto insurance for a lower rate and to take advantage of the USAA Subscriber Savings Account.

USAA has a savings account for all insured members. When you leave the insurance portion of USAA they send the balance of this account to you after 6 months. At that time mine was one $12,000. I gladly left and built a patio in the back yard. If you are currently a USAA member you might want to call them and ask about your “Subscriber Savings Account”. It is different than the yearly check they send you based upon their activity over the year.

Back to GEICO. GEICO has been a pretty good insurance company until now. There is absolutely no way to justify a 50% increase in premiums. Nothing changed on my side. Of course GEICO is using inflation as their reason to increase premiums. It’s a fad. I think it is bullshit.

So I’m off to look for better coverage. Again.

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