Senator Mayes Middleton bill will require CCISD to allow time for reading of the Quran

At times I like to make stuff up. Unfortunately this is not one of those times.

Bay Area’s own Senator Money Mayes Middleton has filed Senate Bill 1396 to allow prayer in school and time set aside for reading the Bible. According to the bill analysis:

S.B. 1396 would address these concerns by allowing the board of trustees of a school district or the governing body of an open-enrollment charter school not operated by or affiliated with a religious organization to, by record vote, adopt a policy requiring every campus or school to provide a period of prayer and readings from the Bible.

This, of course, means providing a time for prayer for all including Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and even atheists who will instead spend their time reading or studying math or science. Implementation would be difficult since Muslims pray at various times of the day while Christians just pray whenever they can rub it into other students faces or when being shot at by an 18 year old with an assault weapon that Middleton gave easy access to.

School Boards across the state are struggling just to keep kids safe in school and teachers and support staff employed as Middleton continues to cut their budgets. If this bill would pass they would need to understand all the various religions and their prayer habits and bibles. Maybe they need to create a religious committee where members of the community of all different religions could come together in peace and make recommendations on how to implement this policy.

Or maybe they could just go to school to learn math and science and go to their churches to learn about their own religion.

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