What the f*ck is wrong with you? Texas.

It’s time we start asking the obvious question. What the fuck is wrong with us?

It’s no longer a time to ask our elected officials “What the fuck is wrong with you?” as I did when I met State Representative Dennis Paul on the greenbelt after the Uvalde massacre. We all know they will not address gun violence. They have refused to sponsor or pass common sense gun safety reforms that are massively supportive by their constituents. We know what the fuck is wrong with them.

They are immoral. They are fake christians. They are truly fucked up human beings. They love guns over girls, bullets over boys. No matter how many children killed in school, christians killed in church, shoppers killed in malls, immigrants killed at home, they just do not care. They are mentally ill for doing nothing while 5 year olds are torn apart with weapons of war. They are truly sick fucks.

And so are we. We know they will do nothing but all we do is demand they do something while we do nothing. We have organizations working hard to advocate for gun safety and we should thank them but we are WE doing? Are we calling our elected officials on a daily basis to demand gun safety? Are we demanding a town hall meeting to discuss our families safety at schools, parades, Walmarts, churches, etc? Are we protesting at our elected officials offices?

What the fuck are we waiting for? What are YOU waiting for? This gun violence needs to stop before it reaches our own families.

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