Public complaint filed against CCISD Trustee

A formal complaint has been filed against CCISD Trustee Scott Bowen after his epic loss in yet another election.

The complaint concerns his testimony in Austin in support of a bill against public education. In this testimony he identifies himself as a CCISD Board member and claims to be speaking on behalf of his constituents as an At Large member. Testimony on bills by a specific individual or organization is extremely hard to find. The video of his 3 minutes of fame was accidentally found with an unrelated google search which led to an anti public education YouTube channel hosted by Texas Education 911. This non profit is supported by extreme far right organizations such as Moms for Liberty. The complaint states:

Bowen cannot speak on my behalf or on behalf of the district. He can identify himself as a individual and speak for himself but not for the Board unless he was specifically asked to by the board. This is the second time Mr. Bowen has testified identifying himself as a Trustee of the Board and speaking on behalf of the board. The first was at a hearing in League City concerning the banning of LGBTQ books from the public library. Bowen doesn’t even live in League City. Bowen states he is there on his “own time and own dime” but then continues to address the Committee as if he is speaking on behalf of the Board. He also specifically claims he is representing his constituents. Bowen, in his last election, did not receive over 50% of the vote and it is hard to understand how he could speak on my behalf.

As the complaint states, this is the second time Bowen has used his title in testimony on issues concerning the community. The hearing is in a couple of weeks. I’m not sure what could come of this complaint but the author requests the following:

Because this is the second offense, Mr. Bowen should be sanctioned, reprimanded, or asked to resign. In the future if he testifies on my behalf again please have him ask for my permission otherwise he should keep his mouth shut or testify as a citizen and nothing else.

BTW. I filed the complaint.

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