Grievance hearing against CCISD Trustee Scott Bowen

NOTE: A formal hearing on the grievance I filed against Scott Bowen was held yesterday. I want to thank the attorneys who represented Bowen and who presided over the hearing. I appreciate their professionalism. I may not agree with the results of the hearing when they are presented but I do respect what they do.

Last month I filed a grievance against Trustee Scott Bowen for his testimony in support of Senate Bill 175 which would, among other things, cut funding to the Texas Association of School Boards. In that video, posted by an anti-public education extreme right wing organization, Texas Education 911, Bowen identified himself as a CCISD Trustee and spoke on behalf of the Board. He also claimed he was representing his constituents and claimed we were in favor of vouchers, racism, and removing accountability from the district.

You can view his 3 minutes of fame here. Watch it and ask yourself if he was speaking on behalf of the Board and his constituents.

Bowen didn’t attend the hearing. Instead he left his defense to the CCISD attorney. The attorney defended Bowen saying that Bowen stated “I’m here on my own time and own dime” and therefore was not speaking on behalf of the Board even though he stated he was a CCISD Trustee. Watch the video yourself and make your own determination.

He says “TASB advocates for everything my constituents hate” using examples of eradicating racism and being against vouchers. That was his words. Literally. The attorney claims that he didn’t mean ALL constituents. Again, watch it. Make your own determination.

What also bothers me is that he signed in as representing CCISD and as an Executive Members of the Republican Party, Senate District 6. That can be found on the Senate website under SB175 here. He could have testified as “Scott Bowen” or as Mr. Joe Citizen but he didn’t. He used the weight of the title of Trustee to add credence to his testimony.

In the end the attorney claims that what Bowen did was not against CCISD policy from a legal standpoint. I might agree with this but what he did was definitely unethical and he should be held accountable.

The report from the attorney presiding over the hearing will be available in 14 days.

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  1. sneckelmann says:

    thank you for what you’re doing

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