The Texas GOP: Liars. Hypocrites. Cowards. Drunk on the House floor.

Just when you think the republicans can’t go any lower….they do.

Lone Star Left broke the story about republican elected officials on the House floor “legislating while inebriated”…..and they have video…..official House video. The inebriated included the Speaker of the House, Dade Phelan which resulted in a call for him to resign….by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, possibly the most crooked AG in Texas history since AG Dan Morales. Morales served 3.5 years in prison for conspiracy and using political money for private purposes.

In a tit for tat, the House Republicans responded by filing articles of impeachment which includes bribery, fraud, stealing funds, misuse of office, and unethical conduct. Ken Paxton did everything the Republican Party stands for including adultery.

So here we have the “Party of Lincoln” that relies on telling lies, over and over, again. They are a united group of cowards who won’t get off their knees to the NRA. They are so hypocritical the Society of Hypocrites of Texas (SHIT) has filed suit for defamation of character. They have expelled one of their own for having sex with an intern yet turn a blind eye to those who send dick pics, or those who commit adultery, or those driving while intoxicated. They tolerate racist comments. They mock law and order. They love being mean, hateful christians. They cheat. They lie. They steal. They drink.

This isn’t the party of Lincoln. It’s just a drunk party.

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