Why I switched from AT&T to T-Mobile and haven’t looked back

February 22, 2023

OMG how much can AT&T suck?

I was with AT&T when they were called Houston Cellular with the flip phones, then Southwestern Bell, then finally AT&T. That was decades of loyalty. That ended last year when I moved to T-Mobile and although there are a few hiccups, I haven’t been happier.

I had Uverse TV, AT&T Internet (only 50mps) and 4 cell phones with unlimited text, data, and calls. I now have T-Mobile Cell service with unlimited texts, calls, and data. T-Mobile paid off the balance of my phones. I have T-Mobile 5G Home Internet which is at 300 mps and I have YouTube TV. T-Mobile pays for my Netflix and gave me Paramount+ and Apple TV for a year.

Comparing Costs
With AT&T my TV and Internet service was just fine. It did everything I expected it to do which is connect to the Internet for email and browsing and let me stream movies. Cell phone coverage was fine and pretty much free from problems. For all of this I was paying $420/month.

After I switched to T-Mobile and YouTube TV I am now paying $260. $177 for T-Mobile Cell and Internet and $83 for YouTube which includes $14 for HBOMax. Total savings of $160/month.

Comparing Customer Service
What is the difference? Customer service. When I call T-Mobile a person answers in about 2 minutes, takes my info, then forwards the info to someone who will solve my problem. They are local to Atlanta, Georgia and have been excellent the few times I needed them. With AT&T I once was on hold for over 3 hours and then they hung up on me, multiple times. This wasn’t a one time event, it was multiple times. It was the most frustrating, cussing, yelling experiences I ever had in my life. T-Mobile is just so much better.

Comparing Service
T-Mobile has its issues as did AT&T. My service in Blanco Texas when I have a cabin is spotty, but adequate. There are a couple of dead zones in the area although I haven’t really noticed much. Internet service is much faster than AT&T and less expensive. YouTube TV provides all the channels I need, in fact way to many and even with the additional services of Netflix (paid for the T-Mobile) and HBOMax it is still very inexpensive. The user interface needs to improve but I am happy with them. I no longer have to rent AT&T equipment and handle an extra remote. YouTube TV requires only the TV remote and it syncs with my surround sound system automatically.

Bottom Line
The bottom line is that I am saving $160 and I am getting better service and better customer service. What can possibly go wrong?

How to campaign for CCISD Trustee without breaking the law

February 22, 2023

It’s really not that hard.

Pictured to the left is Eric Dick, former Harris County Department of Education Trustee. Dick violated the laws governing campaign finance reporting. After a 2 year investigation he was fined $30,000 and referred to the Texas Bar. If you are running for CCISD Trustee, or are a Treasurer for a candidate, don’t be a Dick. (you can read about Dick here)

In the last election two candidates spent a very large sum of money in their race for Trustee. Scott Bowen spent $20,000, 5 times more than his opponent and did not receive over 50% of the vote. Misty Dawson spent $8000 and lost. These totals do not included the money spent by Harris County Republican Party, which is believed to be $14,000.

Reporting campaign donations and expenditures should be easy especially in a school board race. Unfortunately with the unlimited special interest money coming from the extreme right wing of the Republican Party it can become complicated and ripe for an ethics complaint. Here are some tips to help you avoid having an ethics violation filed against you and your treasurer.

  • Report donations and expenditures correctly. It really is easy. Follow the instructions of the Ethics Committee. Include the amount, the name of the donor/recipient, address. Don’t hide donations. Don’t hide expenditures. You will get caught.
  • Don’t use your donations for personal items. When caught you may have to pay a fine as well as return the money to your campaign. Your donors money is for your campaign not for lunch or your trip to Heartbreakers. (Local State Representative John Davis spent $1500 of his donors money on a pair of cowboy boots. He eventually was fined and had to return the money to his campaign.)
  • Don’t lie. (I know this is hard for some of you) Do not falsify your campaign finance report. Do not lie about the origins of donations. You will be caught. When a complaint is filed against you, don’t lie to the Commission.
  • In all literature include the “Political Ad paid for by …….”. This is required in all literature. Simply tell who paid for the mailer or door hanger or who paid for your paid block walkers.
  • Be careful of using kids in your literature. If you are going to pose with kids you might want to get their parents permission. That may not be a violation of campaign finance laws but it might end up in a civil court or a well deserved butt kicking.

The Texas Ethics Commission has a number of guides to help you file your reports, run your campaign legally, and keep your and your treasurer from paying fines. Remember, don’t be a Dick.

The League City Karen invites an anti-gay speaker to read to kids

February 19, 2023

League City has released the Karen!

League City City Councilman, Justin Hicks, posing with a flag is is about to burn, is a Veteran of the United States Air Force and has led the effort to limit the 1st Amendment of the Constitution by banning books in the public library that he thinks are obscene. The book ban is code name for “LGBTQ ban”. It has nothing to do with “family values”. If that was the case he would be banning books by adulterers, liars, single parents, and fornicators! FORNICATORS!!! But that isn’t what he and his white wing buddies are doing.

Using the power of the public records request citizens obtained a copy of an email from Hicks, using his official city account, to a known anti-LGBTQ author inviting him to read one of his “Christian” books to kids at the library. I don’t believe Karen has the authority to decide who can read to kids. I would think the librarians would have that authority.

In his email Karen highlights his legislation to ban books, even though he didn’t pass any “legislation”, it was only a resolution. Karen claims that wholesome, family values, books are disappearing from the shelves (they aren’t). The entire email can be read below.

Make no mistake about this book banning crap. It has nothing to do with family values. It is an attack on members of our community, our family members, our friends, and our neighbors. Next up for Justin, he will be asking to speak to the manager.

CCISD elections are set. 5 Candidates, 2 positions to be filled in May.

February 18, 2023

The opportunity for candidates to file for the CCISD Board closed yesterday. The field is set with two incumbents and 3 challengers.

District 2
Michelle Davis. Incumbent. Michelle is considered a vote for Scott Bowen, the Chaos Trustee. She nominated Bowen for President, Vice President, and Secretary. He lost all of them. She ran as a “conservative” pushing her politics into a nonpartisan race. We can do better.

Jameison Mackay. Speaking of doing better. Mackay has long ties to the Chamber of Commerce, has experience in education issues. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Jameison. I’m looking forward to his announcement.

Glencora Rodgers. Not much available about Glencora, but as with Jameison, people have good words for her. I have heard she has classroom and administration experience and would make a good addition to the Board. Unfortunately both Jameison and Glencora will be up against the Republican Party money.

District 3
Arturo Sanchez. Incumbent. Sanchez has served honorably. He is the current Vice President of the Board. He was a good choice in 2020 and he is a great choice for 2023.

Peter Lauzon. Peter is Scott Bowen’s hand picked candidate. He is an extreme right wing Trump “conservative”. He was a former member of the Texas Republican Party Executive Committee and called for the party to officially endorse Bowen in his reelection. As far as I can tell he has no kids in school, no experience in education, and is an engineer. Lauzon is not the type of person we need on the school board. He will put partisan politics over the interests of school kids.

The election is in May.

What is the deal with Justin Hicks and Christine Parizo?

February 16, 2023
From Facebook

What is it with these two?

Justin Hicks is the newly elected city councilman of League City and has made a mark with his book banning campaign. Christine Parizo is the former candidate for CCISD who lost by 25 points (points, not votes) and demanded multiple recounts and requested action by the Texas Attorney General. They declined and have considered the issue culllllllosed.

So what are these two up to? Hicks recently aired League City’s dirty laundry in a Facebook post against a fellow councilman, Tom Crews, concerning the American Legion who was requesting help obtaining approval to put up signs. This request was approved. Hicks then wanted League City to pay for the signs which the American Legion did not request.

So how does Parizo fit into this? Recently Parizo has filed an open records request for all emails of Councilman Tom Crews. It’s almost like these two are coordinating with each other. Or maybe it has to do with the book banning resolution that Hicks sponsored. Either way these two look to be in cahoots with each other.

Now how Scott Bowen, CCISD Trustee, fits between these two might be another question to ask. Hicks recently butted into the CCISD election lawsuit filed by Misty Dawson against Trustee Cejka claiming election fraud. Hicks claimed the funding of the defense of the Trustee by CCISD was illegal. The funding was eventually approved, something even Bowen voted for. The suit was then dropped by Dawson. Hicks was left with egg on his face.

I’m not sure what exactly these two or three are doing but it is creating chaos in the League City family.

SausageFest of League City Council to vote on book burning tonight

February 14, 2023

The members of the diverse city council of League City will use Valentines day to vote on the resolution that will create a book burning committee for city libraries.

The book burning craze has infected League City. The so called “conservatives” of the council voted on a resolution to begin the book burning last council meeting. A modified version of this resolution comes in front of the board tonight. It’s not like there are citizens carrying torches and pitchforks calling for action. In fact it’s only a small group of extreme right wing individuals lead by City Councilman Justin Hicks, his wife, Deborah Hicks, a couple of church members, and CCISD Trustee Scott Bowen.

At the last meeting, by a slim majority, the men of City Council (there are no women on Council, or people of color) voted to approve the resolution lighting the fire of the book burning pit. Members of the community including conservatives, teachers, librarians and others numbering a total of 53 spoke against the resolution. Only 10, some outside of the district, spoke in favor, all of them were not on the list to speak.

The motion passed on a 4-3 vote. Tonight they will light the fire. The meeting will be live on the City website. View it here.

Law Enforcement debunks Greg Abbott’s claim about “defunding” police

February 13, 2023


Monday February 13, 2023

Harris County, Texas. The Harris County Coalition of Law Enforcement, consisting of members of law enforcement across Harris County and the City of Houston, issued the following response to Governor Greg Abbott’s tweet concerning funding for law enforcement in Harris County.

“Over the last few years law enforcement has been unfairly attacked due to a number of nation wide events of police misconduct. We all agree that our police force must be adequately trained and adequately paid while also holding them accountable for misconduct. This is not up for debate. Unfortunately there are those who have created this false idea of “defund the police” and those who are exploiting it.

Unfortunately Governor Greg Abbott is one of those who are exploiting this situation. We want to make sure Governor Abbott is aware that no one supports defunding our law enforcement. No one at the State, County, or City level including Harris County, has called for the defunding our police force or cutting our budgets. In fact if the Governor would take a few minutes to review the budget he would find that our budget has increased which is far from the hyperbole of defunding.

Law enforcement over the year have had a great relationship with the Governor. Under his leadership he put more guns on the street, allowing anyone to open carry assault weapons with body armor piercing bullets in the streets that we patrol. These individuals are there to provide backup to our members when needed. There is nothing more comforting to law enforcement than to see well armed, well trained, and throughly vetted gun owners ready to provide needed firepower. Governor Abbott and his party’s support of our men and women during the Jan 6 Capitol riot was greatly appreciated. We will never forget it.

We encourage the Governor to put down his phone, get off of twitter and off his ass, and learn how to read a budget.”

Staff Sergeant Getz A. Lief
Harris County Coalition of Law Enforcement

CCISD Trustee, Scott Bowen, recruits a candidate to run for the board

February 13, 2023

We knew Scott Bowen was going to recruit an extreme far right member of the Republican Party to run for the CCISD Board and he has.

Peter Lauzon is just that candidate. Lauzon has no educational experience that I could find. He was a member of the Senate Republican Executive Committee (SREC) after being appointed to the position when David Apley (a COVID denier) died of COVID. He was then voted off in the next election. As an SREC member Lauzon motioned for the Party to endorse Scott Bowen. (Video is here) He bragged about Bowen’s attack on the nonexistent CRT, his mask ban, and his recruitment efforts to get extreme right wing candidates to run for school boards across the county.

He ran an unsuccessful campaign for the Clear Lake Water Authority being soundly defeated by a near 3-1 margin. If elected Lauzon will be the vote Bowen needs to take over the Board and send the district into chaos. Lauzon, like most republicans, is an election denier and will probably file suit like Misty Dawson did if he loses. This is who they are. This is who he is.

Lauzon is running against Arturo Sanchez who has served the district well and was elected to the position of Vice-President. Expect to see tens of thousands of dollars to be spent supporting this UFO (Unfit For Office) candidate by the Republican Party and Senator Money Mayes Middleton.

Jamieson Mackay enters the race for CCISD Trustee

February 8, 2023

There isn’t a lot of information on the candidate but he has filed all the paperwork and is formally a candidate for CCISD Trustee. He is challenging incumbent Michelle Davis in District 2. The district map is below.

The white rich guys who funded the Texas Latino Conservative PAC

February 6, 2023

They think we are stupid. (and some are)

The Texas Latino Conservative PAC was created in 2020 and has spent a considerable amount of money to elect Republican MAGAts such as Jack Morman who lost his bid for Commissioner as well as Alexandra MAGAt Mealer who lost against Lina Hidalgo.

You would think that a PAC titled the Texas Latino Conservative PAC would be funded by conservative Latinos. If you thought that, you thought wrong. Very wrong.

According to reports filed with the Texas Ethics Commission the Texas Latino Conservative PAC raised $1,957,457. $977,705 was donated by Coalition Por Texas, nearly 50% (more on this PAC below). $1,812,000 was donated by just 8 individuals/PACs listed below. Most of the money raised was donated by rich white guys like Richard Weekley and Cary McNair. 93% of all donations were contributed by the following:

Coalition Por Texas$977,050
Richard Weekley$281,800
Cary McNair$163,000
Jan Duncan$105,000
Harlan Crow$100,000
Robert Rowling$100,000
Harris County Republican Party$65,000
Joseph Swinbank$30,000

Now the Coalition Por Texas was created in Jan 2022 with generous donations totaling $1,000,000 from 3 wealthy white guys and 1 PAC, Hillwood Development PAC, Robert Rowling, Richard Weekley, and Harlan Crow. In total Coalition Por Texas raised $2,550,000 from just 5 white guys and 1 PAC. Half of the donations went to the Latino Conservative PAC and the other donations went to Mexican MAGAt candidates across Texas.

Crow ,Harlan500,000.00
Crow ,Harlan250,000.00
Popolo ,Joseph50,000.00
Rees-Jones ,Trevor D.500,000.00
Rowling ,Robert250,000.00
Weekley ,Richard250,000.00
Weekley ,Richard250,000.00
Weekley ,Richard250,000.00
Hillwood Development Co250,000.00

Hispanics are getting played.

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