Before you run for Houston City Council

January 30, 2023

The filing period to appear on the ballot for the City of Houston November election runs from July 22 – August 21.

Before you file to run for Mayor, City Council, or Controller do yourself, your family, and your friends a favor by investigating the office before running for the office. Here are a few tips and questions you might want to consider before signing up. I am sure a political consultant might want to add a few other tips to this list. 

Follow the law. Running for office requires you to follow the laws of the State governing elections such as filing timely financial reports disclosing donations and expenditures. Visit the Texas Ethics Commission website BEFORE you run, not after a complaint has been filed. A complaint could be very costly to you and your treasurer. Also visit the Campaign Finance webpage for the City of Houston at

It’s not a game. Running for office is not a game. There is nothing cute about running. It is very, very, tough work for the candidate and your volunteers. The position has a direct impact on people’s lives whether it is timely trash collection, providing a safe neighborhood with our police and our fire fighters, or protecting our country from foreign and domestic threats. Don’t cheapen the office by running just for the sake of running and distracting from those who have a clear understanding of what they are doing and are qualified to run.

It will cost money. Lots of money. A run for a City Council at Large seat could cost a couple hundred thousand dollars. This will include money to run a successful campaign to target the needed number of voters to win. If you do not intend to raise the necessary amount of money needed, then do not run, Do the math before you sign. Understand what the campaign will need and how much this will cost and whether you can raise that amount. It’s not just about buying a boat load of signs.

What qualifications do you bring to the table? Our government allows anyone to put their name on the ballot but some shouldn’t. Ask yourself if you understand the position you are running for. Do you have qualifications or personal experience that would apply to this position? Do you understand the process used to pass legislation, and do you know the players behind the scenes? Have you been involved in your community that you want to represent?

How many votes do you need to win? This is a hard question and is never an exact science but you can determine, with analysis of the past elections, an idea of the number of votes needed to push you over the top. This number will drive your campaign strategy and fundraising efforts. If you can’t answer this question then you really shouldn’t run.

How much money will it take to win? The number of votes you need to win will drive your fundraising efforts. As said above, running for office is not a game and it costs money. You will be on the phone for hours a day raising campaign cash in order to achieve that winning number.

Who is your financial base? Who will you be depending upon to achieve your financial goals in order to achieve that winning number of votes?

Who is your volunteer base? Who will be there to make phone calls for you or block walk in the hot sun? Do you have a base of supporters or do you intend to file and expect your political clubs to drop what they are doing and support you? A campaign will strain your relationships with family and friends. It’s a grueling undertaking requiring a considerable amount of dedication and support. You should have buy in from your family and those you expect to support you before you sign up.

Good luck and thank you for running or deciding not to.

Austin Catholic Diocese responds to Greg Abbott’s immigration bussing stunt

January 2, 2023

Praise the lord.

Raising Campaign Cash: Conservatives for Law Enforcement & Border Security

January 2, 2023

Doing the work of Donald Trump.

State Senator “Money” Mayes Middleton is a wealthy republican spending his own money to win elections. His most recent is the Senate seat in Senate District 11 which covers Harris, Brazoria and Galveston County. From a previous post:

Money Mayes reported a total of $1,685,523. $1,650,000 came from his own deep pockets. Money has own money to spend and has become the sugar daddy of the district. He will probably set up a fund to put another Qanon republican on the CCISD school board. His challengers for SD11 hasn’t raised any money to speak of. Robert Mitchell President of the Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership only raised $1000 and Bianca Gracia raised only $29,000 most coming from in-kind donations.

Money Mayes spend about $2.5 Million to win a House seat in Galveston county which should have cost no more than $400,000 if it was competitive. It wasn’t. He could have simply put his name on the ballot and won easily. Now he is spreading his wealth to other white wing organizations such as the Conservatives for Law Enforcement & Border Security. This PAC raised $629,000 with $500,000 coming from Money Mayes. Other donations came from the following:

Report TypeContributor NameAmount
RUNOFFAsbury ,Debbie20,000.00
RUNOFFMiddleton ,David200,000.00
E08DAYBEFMiddleton ,Mayes50,000.00
E08DAYBEFMiddleton ,Mayes250,000.00
E08DAYBEFMcNeill Mineral Management LLC7,000.00
SEMIJULEllen Troxclair for Texas House58,000.00
SEMIJULBryan Hughes Campaign24,000.00
RUNOFFPublic Blueprint, LLC5,000.00
RUNOFFWayne Christian for Texas15,000.00

Spending Campaign Cash: George Santos (or whoever he is)

January 2, 2023

George Santos won a congressional seat in New York. George is a liar. A trump style, big, fat, fuckin, liar. He is a perfect Republican representing his republican district very well. Republicans are just liars or have no problem with those who do lie.

Not only is his many lies concerning his background, religion, work experience, and much more is under scrutiny, his campaign finance is also under review by the Federal Government. Downloading his expenses for his run for Congress shows some interesting expenditures:

  • Over two years Santos spent about $2 Million
  • $13,400 was spent on Uber
  • $7399 was spent in increments of $199.99 just a penny short of having to have receipts. This included payments to Uber, Airfare, Office Supplies, hotels and others.
  • $26,000 for legal services. (More probably will be needed)
  • $40,000 on airfare
  • $29,000 on hotels
  • $5600 on gasoline
  • $176,000 on fundraising expenses
  • $28,000 on food and beverages
  • $10,900 for apartment rental paid to Cleaner 123

On the surface this doesn’t look unusual except for the $199.99 expenditures. I am sure the Feds will be looking for receipts which will require more money for legal services.

Now the GOP is against lying? Representative Elect George Santos.

December 28, 2022

After 6 years of supporting Donald Trump as he lied on a daily basis the Republican Party is now shocked that one of their candidates for Congress lied about his heritage, his education, his job, and his entire life. Shocked my ass. None of them are calling for Representative Elect George Santos to resign.

Santos pulled a Trump on the congressional district in New York. He lied about being Jewish, about working for Goldman Sachs, and about graduating from college and it worked. He flipped a blue district in New York. Even Fox News was outraged, but not enough for them to call for his resignation. In fact no Republican has called for his resignation. None. Zero. Zip.

Republicans hate to admit it but they are nothing but a pack of liars. George Santos is a liar. He represents the party very well alongside of Donald Trump. The Republican Party has no bottom to morals, hypocrisy, cruelty, honor, or integrity. These are just words to run on. How can anyone ever trust an elected official when they lied straight to your face on multiple fronts?

For republicans it is easy. It’s what they do. They live on the lie. They support liars. They win on lies. Today they continue the Big Lie about losing elections. And they continue to support the biggest liar in American history, Donald Trump.

Now they have another liar to admire. Welcome to the party Congressman Elect Santos.

How to fix the Republican Party Part VI: Dump Trump

December 13, 2022

The Republican Party is full of crap.

The best thing that can happen to the Republican Party is for the Department of Justice to file charges against Trump for mishandling the secret documents and/or his role in the Jan 6 insurrection. This would give cover to many of the spineless leaders in the party and would allow them to dump trump without much effort.

The party needs to get rid of this pile of shit stuck in their bowls. He isn’t going to be president again. He isn’t going to be reinstated. He isn’t going to win the republican nomination. People are tired of him. He is a rotten excuse for a human being. At first trump was fun. He was different. He “tells it like it is” but it’s getting old and it’s losing the party elections. He has to be expelled. Now.

Unfortunately for the members of the Republican Party stepping in a pile of crap and spreading it in house, your car, and your neighbors house is not easy to get rid of. The stink will last for a long time and your neighbors will not forget it. It may take a few election cycles to rid yourself of this MAGAt and the MAGAts that followed. It will not be easy and it may hurt, but it needs to be done.

So do yourself a favor. Take a seat. Take your time. Take a dump.

How to fix the Republican Party Part III: Stop being a racist party

December 6, 2022

It’s 2022 and yet we still have to remind republicans that racism is bad. It’s real bad.

Back in 2008 after the election of President Obama the Republican Party spent millions to reach out for new voters. They found them waving the confederate flag, carrying guns, and hiding under their hoods of racism. These people have now taken over the Republican Party with real conservatives just hanging on for the ride afraid to speak out against racism of any shape or form.

Racism in the Republican Party has explode across the country. Elected officials and leaders of various state and county parties have made racist comments followed by resignations but conservatives refuse to denounce them. As an example Houston City Councilman Greg Travis made a racist comment about Michelle Obama. The community demanded his resignation while the other “conservatives” on City Council sat in silence. The chair of the Harris County Republican Party posted a racist meme which ended his 6 figure job with Pasadena and resulted in his resignation all while most republicans were silent.

Here is a bit of advice for the Republican Party. Racism is not a conservative value. When anyone associated with your party says something that is racially charged party members should immediately and strongly condemn their actions, demand an apology, and then remove them from any committee assignments if applicable. The action must be swift and severe in order to set an example for others who think saying something racist is funny.

What you don’t do is stay silent. It makes you look like a fuckin racist.

League City Texas to ban books on divorce, adultery, and guns.

December 4, 2022

League City Texas is a small community south of Houston. They pride themselves as being a conservative, christian, mostly white, city of love and diversity.

So next week League City will vote on a resolution, sponsored by Mayor Nick Long, that will ban books at the city library that contains subjects indoctrinating children in anti-christian lifestyles. According to a League City Councilman:

“The sanctity of marriage is sacred to League Citians. We do not condone adultery or normalizing single parenthood, porking porn stars or getting married over and over again. This is not a League City family value and all books referencing divorce or adultery in any form should be banned from our public libraries.”

“Books on gun topics should also be banned because they also go against our christian, family values especially after the Uvalde massacre that killed 19 children and 2 teachers. These books indoctrinate our children into a life style of shooting people to solve problems. As with adultery this is not a wholesome, christian, family value worthy of League City.”

The resolution will be voted on next week following a singles only prayer circle at the local shooting range.

Raising Campaign Cash: Mike May for TX HD 135

December 3, 2022

Mike May lost in his bid for Texas HD 135 currently held by Jon Rosenthal. He lost by 15 percentage points and like the Harris County Republican Party is whining about losing.

According to the Texas Tribune May is asking the Texas House to require a new election something they haven’t done in 40 years. From the Tribune:

The secretary of state’s office on Tuesday delivered May’s petition to House Speaker Dade Phelan, who can refer the contest to a committee for investigation and appoint another member of the House as a “master” to oversee discovery and evidence related to the contested election. If they side with May and void the results, another election would be required to decide the district’s representative. The House can also toss the contest by declaring it “frivolous.”

Claiming fraud or an election being rigged, especially by candidates who lose by wide margins is a new tactic by the Republican Party. We saw a challenge here in Clear Lake with a candidate for CCISD who lost by 25 percentage points claiming fraud and another actually filing a lawsuit, which was quickly withdrawn. May joins this group of fine candidates.

May raised just $23,926 for his race. $15,500 of this total came from 7 individuals donating $1000 or more. Kathaleen Wall, who spent $13 Million of her own money in two losing attempts at Congress, donated $5000. He also has a loan of $22,900.04. Running a campaign for a House District seat with only $45,000 isn’t a serious campaign unless your district is gerrymandered like HD 129 in Clear Lake where you can side with the NRA after the Uvalde massacre and still win by 20%.

Even republicans are tired of this election integrity bullshit. As are we.

How to fix the Republican Party Part I: Stop lying

December 1, 2022

One thing Donald Trump taught the Republican Party was the art of lying out your ass.

It’s getting old and voters are beginning to realize that, like Trump, the GOP is full of shit every time they open their pie hole. It worked in 2016 but in 2022 it grew tiresome and the election in November showed it. Eventually people get tired of the lies whether it is about immigration, the economy, foreign affairs or a dangerous pandemic. It just gets to the point that no one is going to believe you anymore except for the MAGAt, ignorant base.

Lying is not a conservative value. It’s not what we teach our kids to do. Kids know there will be consequences if they are caught lying. So get back to true conservative values like your good book says “Thou shall not lie”. (While you are at it you might want to read the other 9 commandments.)

Members of the Republican Party claim to be “conservatives” but true conservatives don’t lie, every, single, fuckin, day, over and over and over. No one likes a pack of liars. So just fuckin stop lying.

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