Texas Secretary of State, Jane Nelson. An ethical scandal

Senator Jane Nelson was appointed by Greg Abbott to the Secretary of State responsible for elections in the State. In a recent bill, if passed, she will be able to overturn an election in Harris County if she believes (even with no evidence) there is fraud. She has a bit of baggage to discuss.

Stay with me on this. It’s good. I promise.

Prior to 2009 there was an issue of using campaign donations to buy a condo or house, then selling it and keeping the profits. At the time Senator Nelson had been paying $2000 a month to an entity called “Twin Star” for a “lease”. At the time I actually thought Twin Star was a plane company and she was renting a plane to travel from Dallas to Austin on official business. But…

On her campaign finance reports she reported the address of the company called “Twin Star” as PO Box 603 Lewisville, TX 75067 which caught my attention. I began to research and could not find a company called Twin Star. After a search of the PO Box I came across a document filed with the Environment Protection Agency with the PO Box associated with Mayday Manufacturing, making aerospace parts.

Mayday Manufacturing is located in Denton, Texas. Mayday was owned by James Nelson, her husband.

I believe there was enough evidence that showed Senator Nelson was paying her husband from $1500-$2000/month for a lease on a condo/house that he bought, so I filed a complaint with the Texas Ethics Commission alleging that over $160,000 of her campaign money was used to indirectly purchase real property againts the rules of the Ethics Commission. First she was paying her husband for services. TEC does not allow you to spend your campaign money on services from your immediate family. And you cannot convert campaign donations to personal use such as buying a condo.

The TEC accepted the complaint, investigated it for almost two years. It was eventually settled, but, the results of the investigation was kept secret. Why? I don’t know and they have refused to say. We will never know. We will never know who Twin Star is/was or who she actually paid the money to, or what services were actually purchases.

Payments to Twin Star stopped in Febuary of 2007 after 7 years of payments totally $163,500.

Good huh?

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