The GOP. From the Party of Lincoln to the Party of Liars.

It is hard to keep up with the lies concerning the firing of the FBI Director or the tapping of Trump Towers, or his voter fraud allegations, or illegals voting, or any one of the Pants on Fire lies that has come out of his mouth. But we knew Trump was a liar when he was running for office. He has just took his lying to the next level as the leader of the most powerful nation in the world, all while the “Party of Lincoln” has done nothing but stand by and endorsing it.

It’s hard to believe a so-called “conservative” can still hold their head up and claim they are American patriots including our own Congressman, Brian Babin. If Babin doesn’t have the integrity to stand up and demand that Trump stop misleading the country, then he is just as much a liar as Trump is.

It is clear we cannot trust a single thing that the republican party says. If they claim their healthcare bill will cover pre-existing conditions, they are probably lying. If they claim the Russian/Trump situation is fake news, they are probably lying. If they are opening their mouth, they are probably lying.

Lincoln would be ashamed.

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