From the Party of Lincoln to the Party for racists

I’ve said it before but I am now convinced it is true. Remember when we used to say “Not all republicans are racists, but all racists are republicans”? The events over the last week have turned the Party of Lincoln into a party for racists. You have to wonder why those who claim “I’m not a racist….” haven’t left the party.

Former republican Joe Scarbrough left the party on national TV. He has been critical of Donald Trump prior to his election and has now moved to being critical of the entire party. Ana Navarro, republican political commentator, has called out Trump and the republican party for over a year now but will not leave the party. She should. Many should. Her party no longer exists. It’s become a safe haven for racists protected by the President of the United States. What is she waiting for?

What are the other republicans waiting for? Trump is not going to pivot into a human being. He is not going to stop being a politically ignorant racist asshole. This is who he is and his actions are tolerated by the members of the republican party. Not one elected official have condemned him as they should. Not one has called for censure of his racists comments, his divisiveness, and his assholiness. Not one. As in none.  Not one has left the party. 
It’s pretty simple. If you tolerate racism, if you provide safe haven for racists, then you should consider yourself a racist. Do yourself a favor. Leave the party. Call yourself an independent even if you will continue to vote for the party of racists. At the very least don’t call yourself a republican anymore. 
Lincoln would be ashamed of what your party has become. He would have quit. 

One Response to From the Party of Lincoln to the Party for racists

  1. Anonymous says:

    The real question is “when is someone going to identify a critical mass to start a new conservative party?” If you don't like the existing Republican Party, you're still not going to join the Democrats. You can't even consider the Greens or Libertarians as alternatives, they're both jokes.

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