Raising Campaign Cash (From your own wallet) Kathaleen Wall

There ought to be a law….

Kathaleen Wall is one of the republicans running to replace Ted Poe in Texas Congressional District 2. A quick look at her fundraising numbers might make one say something like “Needless to say the republican candidate has millions.” but looking beneath the surface tells a different story.

According to her FEC single fundraising report Wall raised a whopping $2,744,692.79 but that includes $2,733,801.79 from the candidate  herself leaving only $10,891 raised from 14 other donors. So Wall is literally trying to buy an election. Her closest primary opponent Kevin Roberts raised $531,311 including a $270,000 personal loan. Rick Waller raised $367,492 including a $300,000 loan.  David Balat raised $155,000 with an $85,000 loan and Johnathon Havens raised $111,000 with an $80,000 loan. None of the republicans are capable of raising money on their own. 

Here is the FEC report on the candidates:

Kathaleen Wall did not list her $2,733,801 donation as a loan but as a candidate contribution. I know if a donation is listed as a loan then it could be paid back, with interest, from campaign contributions but if it is listed just as a self financed campaign donation then it might not be refundable. Regardless there ought to be law preventing people from buying a race like this.

You can view her entire report here.

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