Dear Democrats, Nothing will change until we change Congress

It’s not that hard to understand.

Take the House. Take the Senate. Then start moving in your specific direction. If you want immigration reform, gun reform, women’s rights, worker’s rights, restoration of our leadership in the world, restoration of a working Congress, etc, etc, then work towards November 6 and take the House and Senate.

Calling on our candidates to take on divisive issues and giving the Republican Party ammo to defend their seat will not help us win in November. As an example, demanding “medicare for all” or “Single Payer” at this point is not productive. How about advocating for health care for your sick child or health care for your loved one that has cancer. Instead of advocating for a specific solution that yells SOCIALISM, advocate for issues everyone can agree to. Everyone wants their children to be healthy and cured if they become sick, but many are scared to death of socialism or anything that sounds like socialism.

Single payer is just one of the many issues that needs to be resolved after we take over Congress. Until then we need to quit bitching to our candidates about every single issue that we are concerned about. We, as a party, understand what is screwed up in this country but nothing, absolutely NOTHING, will change until we change out Congress.

Restore Congress to a working body then manipulate this idiot of a president into signing legislation. Then focus on 2020. Until then, let’s quit bitching and continue working towards Nov 6.

November 6, 2018. Clean House.

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