Greg Abbott: Arm teachers and high school seniors

Nothing like treating the symptoms instead of addressing the cause.

After a couple of round table meetings Greg Abbott has come up with some ideas for protecting kids at school from gun violence.

“I believe the only way to stop gun violence in our schools is to arm all of our teachers and high school seniors. If they are old enough to vote, they are old enough to carry.”

If you have read my blog in the past you can probably guess, Abbott didn’t say exactly that, but please do not give him any ideas! Abbott is a white wing NRA gun nut and will do whatever will promote more guns in society no matter who gets killed, including our children and friends.

This entire “school safety” misses the point of the gun violence epidemic. Gun violence is not restricted to only one location. It’s in churches (Sutherland), Movie Theaters (Aurora), night clubs (Orlando), concerts (Las Vegas), restaurants (Luby’s), military bases (Ft Hood), baseball fields (Congressional baseball game), Universities (UT Austin, Virginia Tech), public streets( Dallas police shootings) and public schools (Columbine, Sandy Hook, Parkland, and now Santa Fe). His solutions will not stop the violence. From the Houston Chronicle:

Beefing up armed security, fortifying school entrances and enhancing mental health services are among the options Gov. Greg Abbott is expected to unveil Wednesday in his effort to make Texas schools safer amid a rash of mass shootings.

How will arming teachers protect everyone else from gun violence? And who is going to pay for metal detectors, mental health services, and armed guards? We can’t even pay our teachers fairly. If Abbott was serious about his wide eyed ignorant gun nut ideas he would be calling for arming teachers, altar boys, waitresses, umpires, professors, and high schools seniors. And even if you can put aside my snide comments and satire, how will arming teachers and installing metal detectors stop someone from driving up and shooting the high school band as they practice? Or the football team? How will that stop someone from ripping up a School bus filled with students?

Abbott and his gun nut buddies once again has used the deaths of 10 students and teachers as a way to distract from the real cause of gun violence. Guns.

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