TX Congressman Brian Babin adopts "Fake news" conspiracy theory


From Babin’s email to his constituents:

There has been much coverage by the mainstream media about separations at the border – much of it is incorrect, “fake news.” They’ve even resorted to doctoring photos and creating fake narratives. I would encourage folks to learn the facts about this situation.The Department of Homeland Security has worked tirelessly to reunite as many families as possible. 

Babin claims that “As of July 12, 57 of the 103 children covered by the court case had been reunified with their parents.” This only includes children 5 years old and under. Thousands are still separated from their families. From the Dept of Fake News, The Washington Post:

Between 1,425 and 1,720 still being held. This number is based on the two specific estimates offered for the number of children separated from their parents. The first was 2,047, a figure given in late June by Azar. The administration has said 2,342 children in total were separated from their parents. (The lighter-colored icons on our chart indicate the difference between those two figures.)

Take a look at the Post’s story. It is very detailed. Of course if you buy into the “fake news” stupidity then go to Fox News for Babin’s truth. It is so much easier to just yell FAKE NEWS than to be honest with your own constituents. Babin has refused to meet with his constituents to discuss this immoral policy.

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