What happens if TX AG Ken Paxton is convicted?

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is facing decades behind bars if convicted for his 3 felony indictments. He has been successful in pushing his trial past the November 6 election. If elected, Paxton may have to give up his seat in our government and take a seat in a minimum security penitentiary.

If elected and convicted the Governor will be allowed to hand pick a new Attorney General, the people’s attorney not selected by the people. Paxton’s million dollar lawyers have been able to delay his trial for 3 years and his trial will be conveniently convened (here in Houston) after the election.

Paxton and the republican leaders probably know how serious the charges are and the possibility of Paxton being convicted. Pushing the trial pass the election protects Paxton and the party just in case he is elected and convicted. This way they will retain the seat and Paxton would probably agree to a plea deal in order to retain his pension and free healthcare for life and for the rest of his life.

Voters shouldn’t take a chance with Paxton. The “peoples lawyer” should be selected by the people not by lawyers and party members. Paxton isn’t using his office to better the lives of Texans. Currently he is leading the charge to remove pre-existing coverage for all Texans. Diabetes and other medical conditions do not discriminate against republicans or any party affiliation. Most every family has a member with a pre-exiting condition. And even after pressure from the business community, Paxton has continued to lead the charge against DACA immigrants which could cause severe shortage in the work force. (Besides the fact that it is just incredibly mean spirited and short sighted)

Paxton shouldn’t be running for Attorney General. He shouldn’t be running for anything. As his buddy Donald Trump has said “You can’t be serving the people while under indictment.” For once I have to agree with that rotten bastard.

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