Isn't 16 years of Dan Patrick enough?

Texas Lt. Governor is too embarrassed to defend his record of achievements in Texas with his opponent Mike Collier, so he is going to debate Geraldo Rivera instead. From the Austin Statemen:

Democratic rival Mike Collier, who has been pressing to debate Patrick without success, was less than pleased, calling the Rivera challenge a stunt and dismissing Patrick as a “clown.”

From the San Antonio Express News

Clown is right. Patrick is the leader of the white wing of the republic party, the far white wing. He is lucky those in education, including teachers, parents, administrators, etc, still won’t take the time to vote and those who do vote the wrong way. That goes for those in law enforcement, public sector employees and Hispanics. His record of leadership is one that would make any white winger proud.

Under Patrick’s leadership teacher’s salaries have not kept up with the national average. Spending for our public schools has dropped to record lows. Texas now ranks (or reeks) #43 in the nation for public education. Health care costs for retired teachers have skyrocketed and retirement benefits have been cut. This is nothing to brag about or debate your opponent about.

Patrick ushered in open carry of loaded assault rifles in Texas against the wishes of the law enforcement community and just about everyone else. He had the power to stop this insanity but instead fully endorsed it as if walking around the streets with a loaded assault rifle makes our streets safer. (it doesn’t) When 5 policemen in Dallas were gunned down with an AK-47 type of weapon Patrick was silent. He was silent about his open carry bill when 26 were killed in Sutherland with a Ruger AR-556. He finally spoke up after 8 students were killed in Santa Fe by donating metal detectors for an ill conceived, limited protection, gimmick that did not address the issue of gun violence.

Patrick as a Senator and Lt Governor has created a tax haven for businesses in Texas passing the deficits on to the tax payers of Texas. Cuts to education and services followed, as planned.

Patrick has been the champion of the so-called “Bathroom bill”, another brain fart of an idea. Instead of addressing gun violence, or teachers salaries, or property taxes, Patrick has focused on the number one issue on the minds of Texans, which bathroom kids should use.

So with his record of cuts to our teachers, assault weapons on demand, property taxes out of control, and policing of bathrooms, just to name a few,  it is no wonder Dan Patrick would decline an opportunity to debate his opponent.

Watch Geraldo kick his ass.

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