Movie Review: Fahrenheit 11/9

Democrats, do yourself a favor and watch Fahrenheit 11/9 on 11/7. Until then, donate the $7.00 ticket price to a candidate and take the 2 hours you would have spent watching it and phone bank or block walk for your favorite candidate. In the end you will be doing everyone a favor. Including yourself.

Republicans, do us a favor and go watch what you did to this country by supporting trump.

I don’t like Michael Moore. He tends to exaggerate, hijack issues, blame everyone else, and offer up facts based upon incorrect timelines. He didn’t disappoint with Fahrenheit 11/9. If you need encouragement to go block walk or phone bank or volunteer to do something for the candidate of your choice, go watch the first 10 minutes. It documents the last hours of election night. It hurts. A lot.

Moore goes on to blame the media for making money off the horrible situation we are now in while he is making money off the horrible situation we are now in. It’s vintage Moore. He hijacks the teacher strikes across the country and the March for our Lives movement, although I have a hard time faulting for him since the more attention they get the better. In typical fashion Moore blames “the establishment” and claims, incorrectly, that Bernie Sanders was robbed by framing his message around eye catching film editing. Moore has an agenda. His movie serves him well.

He concentrates on the Flint Michigan water crisis claiming, incorrectly, President Obama didn’t declare an emergency for the area. He also claims the army used Flint Michigan for “target practice” implying live ammo was used. It wasn’t but he uses cleverly edited clips of night time drills and trains carrying tanks, even though tanks were not used.

As I said, I don’t like Michael Moore. If you are inclined to watch this, do so after the election. Until then, get off your ass so we can fix the horrible situation we are now in.

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