Raising Campaign Cash: Senator Konni Burton

Konni Burton is in a good competitive fight for her seat in the Texas Senate. That is probably why the big guns have come out in her fundraising defense.

According to her latest financial reports Burton raised an impressive $1,055,000 over the last 3 months but look closer. $938,000 came from just 1 individual and 4 PACs. Dan Patrick contributed $40,000. Texans for Lawsuit Deform donated $333,000. Empower Texas $250,000. $40,000 from Texas Realtor PAC. And here is the kicker: $250,000 from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility PAC.

So Konni Burton raises 89% of her million dollars from 4 PACs including one that advocates for “Fiscal Responsibility”. Yeah right. Its like taking money from a condom manufacturer for abstinence only policies. There is nothing fiscally responsible about funding your campaign with PAC money.

$1,036,400 comes from donations of $1000 or more, 98% of her entire fundraising. She also has an outstanding loan from her husband for a total of $240,000. Her loan totals $295,000.

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