Raising Campaign Cash. 8 days out: Konni Burton

I’ve written before about Texas Senator Konni Burton:

So Konni Burton raises 89% of her million dollars from 4 PACs including one that advocates for “Fiscal Responsibility”. Yeah right. Its like taking money from a condom manufacturer for abstinence only policies. There is nothing fiscally responsible about funding your campaign with PAC money.

In her 8 day report Burton claims to have raised $503,328 but 80% comes from just 9 PACs and individuals. Texans for Lawsuit Reform donated $60,000, Dan Patrick $113,000, $116,000 from Greg Abbott and $10,000 from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility PAC. $485,000 came from donations of $1000 or more. 

Only $15,000 of her $503,000 came from citizen donations.

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