Who shouldn't be running in Texas SD 6

A special election will be held for Texas Senate District 6 on Dec 11 and most probably followed by a runoff due to two last minute candidates announcing for the position. State Representatives Carol Alvarado and Ana Hernandez are two very qualified candidates for the position and the voters will have a tough time deciding who should represent that district.

On the other hand we have two unknowns, Martha Fierro a republican, and Mia Mundy a Democrat. Both have filed with the Texas Ethics Committee but have not reported any donations as of yet. Fierro is a precinct chair, which in itself, is not a great qualification to run for Senate. Maybe she should have started with something a bit smaller like president of her homeowners association. According to her Facebook page she is a regional leader of the Faith and Freedom Coalition an extreme right wing organization. 

Then we have Mia Mundy. According to her Facebook page:

Mia Mundy is an Executive Search Consultant for Manhattan Resources.Mia holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Hannibal -LaGrange University in Missouri and a Master’s Degree in Education from Sam Houston State University.

Eat em Kats! I cannot find much information about Mia but there is a forum for the candidates on Nov 28. Maybe we can learn something about these two. At the moment the only reason they are in the race is to cause yet another runoff between two very well qualified candidates.

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