Movie Review: The Mule

Wait for it on DVD or Blu-Ray.

What a disappointment. Watch the trailer below. It has more excitement than the actual movie. Eastwood did his best to play a gross, horny, mumbling, old man. He did this pretty well. It was a slow, drawn out story with little if any unpredictable plots. Little excitement, little drama, ending in a “Is that it?” ending. 

At the end of the movie many were still in their seats hopefully waiting for after credits or something that said “Clint Eastwood spent the last days of his lonely life in prison. He grew flowers.” or something like that. The entire movie needed closure. The lady sitting next to me said what I was thinking “Is that it?’ Others left the theatre saying the same thing. This was truly a wasted effort by Eastwood. He should consider retiring.

The Mule is The Dud even at the discount price of $5.00 Tuesday rate. Grab a hand full of popcorn and a shot glass of Coke and watch the trailer:

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