"A Lot of People Want Bernie Sanders to Run in 2020"

From The Atlantic
You just have to love the title of the article by The Atlantic, “A Lot of People Want Bernie Sanders to Run in 2020”. It’s made for an exciting morning on Facebook for some on both sides especially those who didn’t bother to read the article!

Unfortunately for the Bernie-Bros, the title isn’t exactly what they really wanted to hear. From The Atlantic:

Most Republicans would see a Sanders candidacy as a gift, letting them paint the entire Democratic Party in socialism. The idea that he might emerge as the candidate against Trump is too much of a dream for them to even admit. Many Democrats agree.

According to the Harris County Republican Party “The thought of Bernie winning the nomination makes our toes curl!” Ok. They didn’t say that but I bet they were thinking it. The numbers against a socialist running for President are just awful. 76% of Americans do not want anything to do with a socialist. 76% is a pretty bad number. There should be no wonder why republicans are drooling about another Sanders run for President.

But Sanders has a couple of problems facing his return. 1) Democrats are not very happy with what he gave us, Trump. and 2) Once Beto O’Rourke decides to run Sanders will lose his followers. When you have a choice of a real Democrat that does not have “socialist” stamped on his head, and is 40 years younger than Sanders the real Democrat will win every time.

The Atlantic continues:

On the other hand, many of the candidates Sanders campaigned for lost, and many of the bigger calculations that would be part of a 2020 run are setting in.

Many? His groups, Brand New Congress won only 1 race out of 31 and Justice Democrats only won 7 races out of 50 or more all of them were either unopposed or in deep blue areas. They can’t compete in many primaries across the country even though many can raise substantial amounts of money.

So….Let’s move on. We have real, qualified, Democrats running fo the office. Let’s stick to them.

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