Raising Campaign Cash: Tony Buzbee

True to form.

Just like Trump, Buzbee is trying to buy his way into the Mayor’s office or at least attempt to. Money Mayes Middleton the Republican in Galveston did the same thing raising $2.5 Million with $2.25 Million coming out of his own pocket. Besides the fact he bought his way into the race and defeated a fellow Republican he spent $2.5 Million for a seat that should have cost no more than $500,000 if it was a competitive race. It wasn’t.

Buzbee, like Trump and Money Mayes Middleton, has money to burn, a lot of money to burn. According to his campaign finance report of 1/2019 he had only one donor, himself, for $2 Million. This is a donation not a loan. He has spent over $500,000 most going to an out of state media firm.

This has become a pattern for republicans running for office. Kathleen Wall spent $6 million of her own money in a losing effort to win a seat in Congress. Patrick Fallon raised $2 Million with $1.8 coming from his own pocket. Former State Senator Huffines spent $6 Million of his own money of his $7.4 Million total.

Huffines lost. So did Wall. Maybe Buzbee can be added to that pattern.

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