Yet another lie by Toni Buzbee

He really is just like Trump. He just can’t stop lying.

In a recent push card claiming to support the Houston Fire Fighters Buzbee claims “The mayor ignored voters and sued the firefighters”. This is not true. According to Houston Public Media:

The Houston Police Officers’ Union (HPOU) has filed a lawsuit against both the City of Houston and the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association, in an effort to block implementation of a charter amendment granting firefighters pay parity with police officers of equivalent rank. Houston voters approved the amendment, also known as Proposition B, earlier this month.

The Police Dept wanted the Proposition to be ruled unconstitutional, and it was. According to the Texas Constitution the pay increases must follow certain procedures and not simply putting a pay increase on the ballot without allocating funding for it. (Talk to your City Council Member about this. I did.)

The article goes on to say 

Earlier this week, Houston City Council voted to hire the law firm of Norton Rose Fulbright, as a first step in filing its own suit to block the charter amendment.

This is the city, not the Mayor as Tony wants you to believe. Do yourself a favor. Ask your elected officials how the city could pay for a 29% increase in Fire Fighters pay. Most will be honest about the lack of funds but the desire to increase pay in a sustainable manner.

Buzbee on the other hand will probably just lie to you. It worked for trump.

One Response to Yet another lie by Toni Buzbee

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Ask your elected officials how the city could pay for a 29% increase in Fire Fighters pay.”I did. I learned that the total city budget is about $5.5 billion. Of that, firefighters' pay is $453 million, less than 10 percent.So a 29 percent increase in the fire department budget would be about $132 million, or a 2.4 percent increase in the total city budget.Are you really claiming that the city can't spend 2.4 percent more? Nobody else believes that – the 2020 budget is up more than 4 percent over estimated 2019 spending.

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