Houston elections wrap-up 2019

Well that wasn’t fun, for some.

The Winners
Mayor Sylvester Turner
Chris Brown Controller

Amy Peck District A
(Delayed) District B
Abbie Kamin District C
Carolyn Evans-Shabazz District D
Dave Martin District E
Tiffany Thomas District F
Greg Davis District G
Karla Cisneros(*) District H
Robert Gallegos District I
Ed Pollard District J
Martha Castex-Tatum District K

Mike Knox At Large 1
David Robinson At Large 2
Mike Kubosh At Large 3
Leticia Plummer At Large 4
Sallie Alcorn At Large 5

The Losers
Tony Buzbee.

Buzbee lost and that was good for the city. Up till the day of the election Buzbee clearly showed he had no idea of how the City works or how to govern. To him is was about money, his money, and how he could buy a seat. He lost $13 Million. We won. District B is in the courts and will be decided at a later date. Two women joined the members of the At Large delegation. 8, maybe 9 out of 16 members of Council are women. Chris Brown returns as Controller.

Media Bias
Back in 1995 Wayne Dolcefino was an investigative reporter (sic) for KTRK-TV. He had a boner for Sylvester Turner when Turner first ran for Mayor. Dolcefino was eventually sued and lost for a story about insurance fraud and a jury awarded $5.5 Million. 

We ought to have an award for those in the media who chased stories that left them with egg on their faces. Fox26 would easily be in the running. They are becoming the FoxNews of Houston. This isn’t good. I used to work with a reporter at Fox26. He was fair and asked the tough questions. That was all I wanted or expected. Professional. Respectable. This is lacking at Fox26 now. 

Don’t be a a Dick law.
Eric Dick’s racist mailer cannot go unchallenged. He needs to suffer what ever consequences there may be. Unfortunately the Texas Ethics Commission does not have a rapid response process that would put Dick on notice. Instead a complaint takes months to resolve. We need a “Dont be a Dick” law.

Ed Pollard
Ed can be in the same boat as Dick. Claiming an elected official is endorsing you is dishonest and he should pay some consequences. I hope he does better as an elected official.

Before you run for office
Do yourself and us a favor, think before you jump into a race you know nothing about. We had way too many candidates who could not, would not, raise money and who have no business running for office. This isn’t a game.

Self Financing
There ought to be restrictions on self financing Buzbee put in $13 Million of his own money. Eric Dick put in $300,000. Money Mayes Middleton put in $2.5 Million for a House Race. The list can go on and on. This has to stop.

On to the primaries!

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