Vote Blue No Matter Who doesn't work.

Vote Blue No Matter Who might work on those of us who are long time Democrats or those that lean left at the polls because what we have in office now is a rotten excuse for a human being. Unfortunately it will not work for those that matter, the independents looking for a common sense alternative.

Independents are just looking for a common sense middle of the road alternative to the rotten bastard in office now. They are willing to vote blue no matter who unless…’s a socialist. We Democrats might hold our noses and vote for a socialist claiming to vote blue no matter who, but independents won’t. Give them a sane alternative to Trump and they will be onboard. Give them a choice between a socialist or a republican and they will stay home, bury their heads in their hands, and wonder what the living hell happened to our Party.

So, bernie bros need to quit with the Vote Blue No Matter Who crap. Sanders is not blue. He is not a Democrat. He never has been a Democrat. He never will be a Democrat. He will never represent our Party. The Independents we are trying to court will abandon us in November just like Bernie and his bros did in 2016. As I have said in the past:

So lets give Sanders the credit he is due and addressing him appropriately. Bernie Sanders is an independent socialist running as a Democrat in the Democratic primary. 

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