Dumping USAA. So easy a caveman did it!

I saved $3000/year by switching from USAA.

I’ve been with USAA since 1981 for my auto insurance and for about 25 years for my home. Ever since 2003 when the state deregulated the insurance industry my insurance premium has increased with no end in sight. The last increase in 2020 was 25% and that did it for me.

I eventually went with GEICO for auto, saving $1000/year with the same coverage. My home insurance was provided by an agent and was reduced to $2000 for a savings of $2000/year. As I have said before:

USAA claims to “support the troops” and to be loyal to those who served and their families. It’s hard to believe when you receive an increase of 25% after being a loyal customer who paid their premiums on time and had only 1 claim in 11 years.

So screw them.

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