Newly elected Chair of the Harris County Republican Party, Keith Nielsen, asked to resign

Leave it to Congressman Dan Crenshaw to call for the resignation of the newly elected Chair of the Republican Party while turning a blind eye to the racist at the top of the party. From The Texas Tribune:

U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw, a Houston Republican, said in a statement to the Tribune that “Nielsen has no place in our party. Not now. Not ever” — and called his post “a sad reminder that such blatant ignorance and bigotry still exists.”

Someone ought to tell Crenshaw to look to the White House for racism in his party. It’s coming from the top, Dan. It’s coming from the White House, Dan. It’s coming from your f***ing party. Man up and call for the resignation of the leader of the Republican Party not just the lowly Chair of the county party.

County Chair, Keith Nielsen, posted a clearly racist meme with a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King and a banana. In his defense he stated:

“It is unfortunate that the sentiment of the quote and my admiration for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has been overshadowed by people’s misinterpretation of an image.”

There is no other reason for putting a banana in a meme of a Black civil rights leader. None. At all. Zero. Zip. Nada. He should resign. Immediately. And take his flag pin and cross with him.

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