Another Republican elected official should resign in Galveston County

A precinct chair in Galveston County, Kevin Holland II, just couldn’t let a peaceful march against racism go without an ill advised statement or following it up with another one, and then explaining in a “fun” way. While people of all colors, young and old, male and female, gathered in the hot sun to call for changes to protect people of color as well as our police men and women, this guy had to have a laugh.

Kevin joined another elected official, the Chair elect of the Harris County Republican Party, Keith Nielsen, who posted a racist meme to his Facebook page. Keith has since resigned and he was removed as Chair of the Pasadena Planning Committee. Showing off your racism almost always leads to bad things happening to you. Americans do not like racists, white supremacists,  or nazis. 

Americans and the military fight to support our rights to peacefully protest. They also fight to support the rights of people who want to make racist memes or statements, but that does not guarantee a place at the table. In fact it might guarantee an escort through the door.

Joking about racism isn’t funny. Ask Keith.

UPDATE: The precinct chair’s Facebook posts have been removed. He should now resign his position and take some time to reflect on the moment.

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