Another republican loses his job over racist posts

They just can’t keep their racist, filthy fingers off the keyboard.

Nick Moutos, assistant State Attorney General, lost his 6 figure salary for his recent racist posts. According to The Texas Tribune:

“A Texas assistant attorney general sent dozens of tweets over the past several months threatening violence against progressives, spouting racist and transphobic rhetoric, casting doubt over the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic and sharing QAnon conspiracy theories. On Thursday, he lost his job with the state agency after national media reported on his social media activities.”

Nick Moutos can join the Chair of the Harris County Republican Party, Kieth Nielsen. Nielsen lost his job as the Planning Commissioner of Pasadena after posting a racist meme of a Martin Luther King quote with a banana. 

Moutos has since gone into hiding hopefully joining all the racists in American on November 4.

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