Eric Dick complains about…..wait for it…..deceptive media content. LOL

Eric Dick, who chairs the Harris County Department of Education, is whining about “deceptive media content”. This is laughable. Truly laughable.

Dick has a preliminary hearing scheduled at the end of this month in front of the Texas Ethic Commission for his deceptive media content. As you might remember Dick paid for a mailer to the African American community during the 2019 City Council runoff. This mailer did not have the required “Political ad paid for by…” statement. It also looked like prominent Black elected officials such as former President Barack Obama, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, and others were endorsing his run for Houston City Council. 

Not only did they not endorse Dick or any candidates on the mailer, some of the candidates specifically asked NOT be be included in the mailer. It was deceiving, dishonest, and illegal. So for Dick to be whining about a number of articles from the Southeast Texas Record, a publication focusing on the legal community, is just rich. According to Dick:

But what about the second form of deceptive media content: erroneous and biased reporting? This solution could come from ordinary people like you and me. News agencies like Southeast Texas Record and David Yates that publish false, dishonest, and biased stories can be called out. Furthermore, we may assess our involvement in spreading misleading information on social media and take serious steps to prevent it.

That really is rich coming from Dick who will be facing the Ethics Commission next month.

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