How businesses can save Texans from COVID

With the delta variant making a huge comeback in Texas businesses need to decide if they can survive another shutdown. Most will not. Some such as the homebuilding industry and Amazon will thrive just like they did during the first shutdown but many small restaurants will not. This is what Texas businesses need to do to prevent another shutdown and a run on the medical community.

Churches, restaurants, work and others have the absolute right to protect their customers and their employees. They can require either a vaccination, testing, or working from home. Don’t look to Governor Abbott to help survive this health crisis. Everyone is on their own.

Airlines. If you want to fly, show your proof of vaccination. Otherwise drive. You have a choice. Once we have crushed the virus, come back and fly!

Sporting events. Every sporting event should require a proof of vaccination to receive a bracelet. Those without a bracelet will be required to mask up for the entire game. They will also be escorted out if they do not. If a fan doesn’t want to help solve this problem and keep other fans safe they can stay home and watch the game on TV.

Schools. All teacher should be vaccinated or they can teach from home until the pandemic is over. All students must be vaccinated or they can stay at home and learn remotely from the comfort of their own home.

Restaurants. If you are vaccinated then dine in and enjoy a safe environment. If not, order take out and continue to support your local businesses.

Work. Come to work if you are vaccinated or continue to work from home.  

Churches. If you want to worship at the church show your vaccination card. Otherwise watch the service at home. (and send your donation via PayPal)

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