Texas Governor Greg Abbott takes the lead in the Lap Dog Award

In Texas we don’t take kindly to a brown nose, an ass kisser, a boot licker, a suck ass, or an obedient lap dog. Unfortunately our own Governor, Greg Abbott, has stooped to a level of ass kissing never seen before. He is currently beating out Pedro Bush who kissed Trump’s ass only be be crapped on when Trump endorsed his opponent, Ken Paxton.

Moments after the results of the Arizona audit was announced, showing, once again, that Biden won the election and no election fraud was found, Trump instructed Abbott to start a similar audit here in Texas. Like Arizona, this will cost Texans about $6 Million. $6 million that could be put towards law enforcement, or infastructure. Instead like the ass kissing lap dog Abbott is, we will pay $6 million to one of Abbott’s buddies to perform an audit of the election which will show, once again, no election fraud.

From the Houston Chronicle:

Lapdogs we don’t need these days, as Abbott’s embarrassing acquiescence reminds us. As long as one of our major political parties is in thrall to a would-be demagogue, democracy is in danger. Instead of yapping lap dogs, we need the political equivalent of the majestic Great Pyrenees, loyal canines that protect Hill Country sheep and goats from coyotes. Our political Great Pyrenees would stand firm for the rule of law, for an abiding trust in the democratic process, for America itself.

It’s embarrassing living in Texas. Texans never used to adore liars, cheaters, brown nosers and obedient lap dogs.  Until now.

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